Can I Change My Visitor Visa To A Study Permit In Canada?

The good news is yes.

Getting a study permit from outside Canada requires a high IELTS score, and the process could also be lengthy.

But if you are now in Canada as a visitor/tourist, you may want to try another way to study and consequently emigrate to Canada.

Therefore, if you are currently in Canada and meet the Inland Study Permit application eligibility, we at SEP Immigration can definitely help you change your status from a Visitor to Student.

You don’t need to leave Canada to do so!

What are the requirements?

Call us today and talk to our Licensed Immigration Consultants.

What are the benefits of converting my status from a visitor to a student in Canada?

1- You will save more time and immigrate to Canada faster; This program is a shortcut to getting a work permit and applying for your Permanent Residence (PR)

2- This program needs the lowest cost, compared with other immigration methods

3- The success rate is the highest compared with other immigration methods

4- If you have a spouse, they can get an Open Work Permit

5- If you have a dependent child, they can also study in Canada

6- To get your study permit, you don’t need to leave Canada

7- There is almost no need to prove your bank information

8- With a study permit, you and your family may apply for a public healthcare card

Why choose us?

We have been helping many applicants become permanent residents for years and have a high success rate. Our clients from almost 20 different countries have experienced this with us and you can be the next successful one. We know how to prepare documents and how to make your immigration process smooth and easy for you. Contact us HERE to start the process today!

If you are not a Canadian Permanent Resident yet and you are not sure what the best way for you to immigrate to Canada is, please fill out our assessment form HERE and we will get back to you with your possible options.

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