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What will happen to Canada Immigration after COVID-19?

Updated: May 22, 2020

As we all know, Coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has spread quickly all over the world. The travel industry has been badly damaged, with airlines cutting flights and tourists cancelling business trips and holidays. More than 100 countries have travel restrictions because of coronavirus. Canada is not an exception and is dealing with this virus which, as a result, caused some of the immigration programs to slow down or some non-essentials to stop. Coronavirus has an economic slowdown to most of the countries including Canada.

There are some questions which we will discuss in this article:

1. Is Canada going to decrease immigrants?

The answer to this question is very simple. Canada’s economy has been affected negatively by coronavirus and for Canada to help its economy to grow, more immigrants are needed to promote economic growth and pass this tough situation successfully.

2. How immigrants can help Canada’s economy?

In 2019, Canada welcomed almost 313000 immigrants. This number was about 303000 in 2018. As mentioned above, Canada is targeting welcoming 1 million immigrants from 2020 to 2022. Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations in the world because of its low birth rate. As more Canadians retire, more new labour is needed to replace them which makes the role of immigrants important here.

3. What will happen when Canadians go back to normal life after COVID-19?

Canada is among those countries that based on its economy is able to rebound fast after quarantine measures have been eased. This provided more job opportunity for Canadians and consequently for immigrants. Therefore, even after coronavirus, immigration policy of Canada will continue welcoming even more immigration to cope with these problems.

4. How immigrants will help to create more jobs?

Immigrants can help the economy in many different ways. Business immigrants who invest money in Canada or those entrepreneurs will bring money to Canada to start their business which not only creates jobs for themselves and help the economy, but also they hire other Permanent Residence. This will increase the job opportunity for immigrants. Moreover, other immigrants bring their knowledge and experience to share with Canadian companies to be employed and consequently either working for other companies (as labours) or create businesses and make more job opportunities. Lastly, new immigrants will bring their savings which helps the economy and money cycle. It is worth mentioning that international students are another important category which should not be forgotten. They bring money and help the economy which creates more jobs for Canadians.

All in all, not only Canada’s immigration will not slow down, but it also will speed up to reach the target.

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By Sepehr Falahati

Immigration Consultant

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