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Travel restrictions extended one month for U.S. travellers and two months for everyone else!

Canada has become stricter about its travel restrictions and has extended them until March 21 for U.S. travelers, and until April 21 for travelers from other countries. Only four Canadian airports accept international flights since January. No flights to Mexico and the Caribbean is permitted and all air travelers must take a COVID-19 test and until the results come out, stay in predetermined hotels. Also, effective February 15, land travelers between Canada and U.S. must provide a negative test result taken within 72 hours before crossing the border. There will be fines up to $3,000 or a criminal conviction for failing to show a test result.

14 days of quarantine for all travelers is now mandatory unless the traveler is a truck driver or other essential traveler. As of February 22, air travelers have to be quarantined in a hotel approved by the government and the travelers have to pay the cost of this stay by themselves, which is estimated to be around $2,000. They will be transported by hotel staff and provided with meals and access to TV.

Good news is that there are exemptions to the travel restrictions. Exemptions include:

ü Canadian citizens or permanent residents

ü Canadian permanent residence approved persons

ü Temporary foreign workers

ü International students

ü Family members of Canadians

ü People coming to Canada for compassionate reasons (to be present at the ceremony or final moments of a terminally ill person or to provide support and help to someone seriously ill)

There are other categories of exempted people mentioned on the government’s website.

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