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Staying In Canada Beyond Your PGWP

To stay in Canada after the end of the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), there are no extensions but there are immigration options. A Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) can be obtained when applying to specific immigration programs. By BOWP, an individual can work in Canada even after the expiry of PGWP, until the decision on the permanent residency is rendered.

The immigration options include:

· Express Entry

· Provincial Nominee Program

· Atlantic Immigration Pilot

· Family sponsorship

If a person cannot apply to any of the above options, they still can extend their presence in Canada by obtaining a work permit through LMIAs and trade agreements.

There are also other work permits a person can get. Some examples include film and TV workers, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. Moreover, Citizens of the U.S. and Mexico may be able to apply for CUSMA Professionals work permit. Trade agreements under CETA for citizens of the European Union, as well as CUKTCA for U.K. citizens also exist.

What Is Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP)?

A bridging open work permit (BOWP) lets you keep working while you wait for the results of your permanent residence application. You may be eligible if you applied to one of the permanent residence programs below:

Permanent residence using Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Quebec skilled workers Home Child-Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot Caring for children class or caring for people with high medical needs class Agri-food Pilot

Why choose us?

We have been helping many applicants to become permanent residents for years and we have a high success rate. Our clients from almost 20 different countries have experienced this with us and you can be the next successful one. We know how to prepare documents and how to make your immigration process smooth and easy for you. Contact us HERE to start the process today!

If you are not a Canadian Permanent Resident yet and you are not sure what the best way for you to immigrate to Canada is, please fill out our assessment form HERE and we will get back to you with your possible options.

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