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New Temporary Residence Pathway For Those Fleeing The War In Ukraine

The Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) is a fast temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality can stay in Canada for up to 3 years. An online application for a Canadian visitor visa and providing the biometrics (fingerprints and a photo) are needed by the applicants. Biometrics can be given at any Visa Application Center (VAC) outside of Ukraine. VACs are open in Moldova, Romania, Austria and Poland, and there is an extensive VAC network across Europe.

Applicants not holding a passport may still apply and a single journey travel document may be issued for them.

Ukrainian temporary residents of Canada (workers, students and visitors) and their family members who are already in Canada may either apply to extend their visitor status or work permit for 3 years, apply for a new work or study permit, or extend their existing permit. All extension and application fees are waived.

The CUAET will process electronic visa applications within 14 days of receipt of a complete application for standard cases. Standard background checks along with careful screening will be done for all visa applicants before coming into Canada.

Ukrainians are exempt from COVID-19 vaccination requirements but need to undergo quarantine and testing.

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