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Canada tourism news - August 2021

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Although there are still some restrictions, those applicants who wish to enter Canada will be reviewed case by case in terms of records, vaccination status as well as reasons for traveling Canada. For example, if you have a criminal record, you will not be probably granted for entry by the Canadian government. But, you should not disappointed due to hear that, you still have options.

TPR, CR, and LOL

If you need exigent and urgent access into Canada, you would be apply for Temporary Resident Permit (TPR). Only people who bring adequate and strong reasons for traveling to Canada, can enjoy TPR. You must convince the officer that your purpose is safe and does not have any risks. TPR is a temporary solution for those who intend to come to Canada for treatment, business, and office work.

Criminal Rehabilitation (CR) dedicates to people who have passed at least 5 years since they completed their sentence. In other words, if you have not committed a crime in the last 5 years leading to a conviction, you will be able to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation. If you are planning to come to Canada to visit family and friends and have fun, you would better apply for Criminal Rehabilitation rather than a Temporary Resident Permit.

Note: If you are eligible to take advantage of Criminal Rehabilitation, you will not be able to use Temporary Resident Permit.

Please pick your phone and call your immigration lawyer if you have been charged with a crime but have not yet been convicted. Canadian immigration lawyer will prepare a report called Legal Opinion Letter which is a legal advice can come in handy to get rid of travel ban to Canada. Legal Opinion Letter can be a beneficial tool to you in deciding how to manage your travel plan.

Vaccination against COVID-19

Canada will start accepting fully vaccinated travelers from all countries on September 7. At the airports and the borders, people will be taken tests randomly to detect potential Coronavirus cases.


Someone who is considered as fully vaccinated has the following:

· Received dosage of a vaccine approved for use in Canada

· At least 14 days before travel to Canada the final injection must have been received.

· Vaccines must be from Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen

· Vaccination certificate must be written down in English, French, or certified translation

Before departure for Canada, you need to submit all documents to the ArriveCan app or website.

Updated rules

Full 14-day quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be mandatory from August 9. This measure also apply to children under 12 who are not vaccinated. Instead, they will have to follow public health protocols for 14 days. For example, vaccinated adults are no allowed to go to crowded places such as clubs; or children should not go to schools for 14 days since their arrival in Canada. There are mandatory testing requirements for unvaccinated travelers who will still have to undergo on-arrival and day-eight testing.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who travel to the U.S. and stay there for less than 72 hours, in order to be eligible to come back to Canada can do their pre-entry arrival test in Canada; In other words, take a second test in the U.S. will not be mandatory. For some travelers who cannot be fully vaccinated due to their health conditions, different quarantines are considered for them. Only and just only permanent residents or U.S. citizens who travel for discretionary or leisure purposes can only enter Canada from August 9 if they are fully vaccinated.

Flights, Hotels, and Travels

The hotels will also reopen on August 9. U.S. citizens can come to Canada on August 9. The entering ban on Indian flights was extended until August 21.


· Canada is easing travel restrictions on fully-vaccinated tourists from U.S. on August 9.

· Starting August 9, in addition to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal, five more airports in Halifax, Quebec City, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Edmonton will once again accept international fights.

· Some international travelers are subjected to a quarantine in case the border officer determines they do not meet the requirements for an exemption.

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