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Canada’s International Graduates: There Is Still Hope You Become A Canadian Permanent Resident

When the six streams to allow 90,000 additional international graduates and essential workers to apply for permanent residence were introduced by Canada, no one could have guessed that one for international graduates would reach its cap of 40,000 applicants in just over 24 hours.

Obviously, many, maybe including you, could not submit their applications because they;

  • Did not have their English Language proficiency test result (IELTS or CELPIP) in hand or

  • Were not employed at the time the stream launched or

  • Could not get a job letter from their employers or

  • Could not submit their payment receipt due to a technical issue some had on May 6 and 7

But stay positive!

There is hope that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) accepts more applications under this stream to compensate for the refusals. Not everyone who has submitted their applications will meet IRCC’s criteria. That’s great news for other applicants who, for any reason, could not apply on May 6 or 7.

Also, if the number of applicants under the English-speaking essential worker streams does not reach its quota, there is the possibility that IRCC will allocate those spots to the international graduate stream.

So, do not lose hope and do your best to prepare all the documents needed for this stream so in case IRCC decides to launch the stream again or raise the cap, you are completely ready to submit your application.

Why choose us?

We have been helping many applicants to become permanent residents for years and we have a high success rate. Our clients from almost 20 different countries have experienced this with us and you can be the next successful one. We know how to prepare documents and how to make your immigration process smooth and easy for you. Contact us HERE to start the process today!

If you are not a Canadian Permanent Resident yet and you are not sure what the best way for you to immigrate to Canada is, please fill out our assessment form HERE and we will get back to you with your possible options.

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